Making the Shift

Do you feel stuck?
Do you want to know why and how to shift from stuck to success?

Chris’s signature talk is now available in a video and audio package! Chris explains how you can make a significant shift, if you feel stuck in your business, your relationship, your income, or any area of your life. He speaks from personal experience; How he and his wife Marlow went from struggling financially, stress and frustration, to more than tripling their income during the Great Recession, and creating financial freedom. He also shares over a decade of personal development to bring you the keys to finally make a major shift in your life.

If you’ve wondered about things like:

  • What’s the secret to creating more success?
  • How can I have more confidence in my business?
  • Why can’t I seem to grow my business to the next level?
  • How can I become more effective at selling without being a “sales-person”?

If this sounds like YOU, I’m excited to share that you can now get in on this informative and empowering “Entrepreneurial Start-Up Training” without leaving the comfort of your own home. Listen, take notes, and soak it all in at your convenience!

What People Are Saying…

“That was the most impactful talk I have ever heard…you really hit me right between the eyes…I have never been more excited about my future as I am right now!”


“It was the most powerful talk given and had so many personal nuggets…It has changed my thought process and actually empowered me to be positive and hopeful about areas that discouraged me.”


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