The Ultimate Couples Wealth Blueprint (Webinar Series)

ATTN: Couples and Entrepreneurs…

Is financial stress putting a strain on your marriage? Is there always more MONTH than MONEY? You work hard. You know you’re smart-So why haven’t you cracked the code to financial independence? Do you know what is holding you back?

We all know that financial stress is the #1 cause of divorce. You don’t want that and your spouse doesn’t either! Wouldn’t you rather create the dream life you and your spouse have always talked about?

We have created a shockingly simple solution to give you the systems and resources you have been looking for.

A BLUEPRINT to help you and your spouse get on the same page financially, stop arguing, increase your income, grow your business, and improve the quality of your life!

Chris and Marlow Felton share invaluable insight in this program not covered in their book, Couples Money. They take a deep dive into the many concepts discussed in their book, plus interactive tools to help you long after the program is over.

The 4 Week Program That Changes Everything!

Here’s what we are giving those who are ready to turn their financial life and their relationship around!

Week 1 Webinar: Get to the root of your money sit­u­a­tion so you can stop arguing and move forward with new insight. Find out what is holding you back from financial success! We also candidly share our story-the good, the bad and the ugly, so you will know you are NOT alone!

Week 2 Webinar: Learn the keys to accept­ing wealth so you can start creating more wealth in your life. We share powerful wealth building concepts-in depth! How they worked for us and how they can work for you.

Week 3 Webinar: Design your ulti­mate cou­ple wealth blueprint using our proven tools. We provide you with the same tools we use to this day and show you step by step how to use them to design your WEALTH BLUEPRINT. You will be surprised how simply and easy they are to use!

Week 4 Webinar: Learn to have more pro­duc­tive money con­ver­sa­tions with your spouse, and brainstorm together for endless possibilities. We also share our best conversation starting questions and help you avoid the explosive arguments!

You get instant access to all materials and recordings!

What Others Are Saying…

Take a look at what others are saying about the information and resources to be shared during The Ultimate Couples Wealth Blueprint 4-Week Series:

“I was touched by Chris and Marlow’s open­ness in shar­ing their story, which shed some new light on how to deal with my lim­it­ing beliefs around money and how to work through them with my fiancé. It also helped me fin­ish the sen­tence I’ve been try­ing to since I was nine. It brought me to happy tears real­iz­ing why I’d been think­ing the way I was, and that I don’t have to any­more.”

Janelle T.

“Thanks to Marlow and Chris for an enlightening (program) that reached far beyond the book title Couples Money. I feel much better armed to make my financial and personal dreams come true. I can’t imagine a single person that couldn’t benefit from this program.”

Alison E.

“I’ve had the priv­i­lege of being asso­ci­ated with the Felton’s for sev­eral years and yet I still uncov­ered hid­den money issues that are impact­ing my cur­rent finan­cial life. That alone was worth the invest­ment of time and money. Thank you!”

Reed M.E.

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What is the value of financial peace of mind?

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About Chris & Marlow

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Chris and Marlow Felton are Best-Selling Authors, financial professionals, and highly sought after international speakers. They have grown successful financial services business which has put them in the top 1% of one of the largest financial services companies in North America, and more than tripled their income during the Great Recession. After almost 20 years of experience Chris and Marlow have learned wealth is built from the inside out!

They have also spent over a decade and tens of thousands of dollars on personal development , so they know how to effectively apply many concepts to achieve wealth. They know first-hand the powerful steps to a financial transformation and want to share them with you! They believe creating wealth and financial harmony goes way beyond a fancy financial plan.

They have also interviewed and have been mentored by some of the most respected and wealthiest couples in business. They are known as the entrepreneurial couple that helps other couples create a better relationship with money and each other.

Since experiencing this dramatic financial transformation, they have inspired tens of thousands of couples and entrepreneurs all over North America, and have helped them have a better money mindset and improve the quality of their relationships and their lives!