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Think & Grow You Masterclass

On-Demand Access to Proven Trainings that Unlock Financial Freedom, Better Relationships, and a Better Quality of Life!

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Tired of Feeling Stuck?

Are you tired of spending countless hours and endless dollars on personal development without seeing any major results?

You likely find yourself feeling frustrated from doing everything possible, but not much changing. And your relationships are suffering due to financial stress, lack of quality time, and dreams unrealized?

If you can relate to this and feel stuck, this workshop is for you. Chris has been in your shoes, and he knows how it feels to be stuck and wanting a better life. He has invested tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to achieve his own success, and now he wants to help you do the same.

Chris was there…struggling financially, relationships suffering…He spent 20 years studying and applying personal development. He narrows it down to what REALLY works to help you condense the timeframe between you and your ideal life.

After getting close to quitting himself, Chris found the formula and has helped thousands get unstuck and back on the path to their dream life.

In this transformational online class, you’ll discover solutions to problems and issues that keep people stuck. These strategies are pragmatic, straightforward, and compiled to be an ongoing growth resource for you.

Masterclass Overview

The Think and Grow You Workshop is led by Amazon best-selling author and 7-figure entrepreneur Chris Felton, this workshop will take a deep dive beyond the book and teach you 5 pragmatic and straightforward steps to achieve financial freedom, better relationships, and a better quality of life.

  1. Get Out of Your Own Way. Recognize what is keeping you from success and what keeps you stuck.
  2. How to shift and create better results.
  3. How to have better more fulfilling relationships.
  4. Create your game plan and execute a quantum leap!
  5. Learn how to get and stay focused and realize your dreams.

After watching the masterclass, you will learn how to:

  • Tap into your full potential and create a mission that aligns with your values and purpose. 
  • You will gain the tools and strategies to create lasting wealth, make a bigger impact in the world, gain confidence, and professional growth.
  • Make a quantum leap to the next level in every area of your life.

What Participants Are Saying…

Mary Gaul

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Coach

Michelle Wolford

Insurance Professional, Entrepreneur

“The workshop was life changing…after putting the concepts to work and going back again, they just dig deeper each time and will continue to be life changing as I go over them again and again.”

Jenny B.

Insurance Professional

“I’m absolutely loving this workshop! One of the key things I learned was relief. It’s so simple. I highly recommend it!”

Shelly A.

Financial Services Entrepreneur

“Chris did such an amazing job captivating me…with his personal stories and action steps. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to upgrade their life! You will have results you never thought you would have.”


Financial Services Professional, Real Estate Investor

Think & Grow You Masterclass Bundle

Think & Grow You Masterclass

Enjoy 7+ hours of on-demand training that covers all aspects of the changes you need to make to get out of your own way and take your finances, relationships, and life to the next level.


This digital download includes template resources and exercises that you can use to put what you learn to work immediately and see results.

Making the Shift Audio Recording

Listen to Chris explain how he went from stuck to success, so you can learn from these simple concepts.

Ultimate Planning Guide

Utilize online templates and instructions to plan a quantum leap. This is the process Chris has used for 15 plus years.

What You GetValue
Think & Grow You Masterclass$997
Masterclass Workbook$97
Bonus: Making the Shift Audio Recording$199
Bonus: Ultimate Planning Guide$199
Fast Action Bonus: Entrepreneurial Level Up Masterclass$499
Total Retail Value$1,991

Your Special Price

$ 349 .00

Stop Wasting Time & Money!

Look, you need to stop wasting time and money on things that don’t work and stop the bleeding in your finances and relationships. If you make the teachings in this masterclass a focus for a few minutes every day, you will change the rest of your life. You’ll learn how to condense timeframes to your success and achieve your full potential, I promise.

Act Fast & Get More

When you purchase the masterclass within the first 24 hours of finishing this training, you’ll get access to our

Entrepreneurial Level Up Masterclass

valued at $499 as well. 

This is an on-demand training that covers the keys to applying the principles in the Think & Grow You Masterclass to your business to increase your revenues and get to that next level too.

Buy Now to get the Entrepreneurial Level Up Masterclass Bonus

Wondering If It Will Be Worth It?

You might be hesitant to purchase this masterclass, wondering…

I don’t have the extra money!

What is the price you are currently paying? What happens if nothing changes, and you stay where you are?

I don’t have time for another online training program!

If you make this a focus and priority for a period of time, you can change the rest of your life. You can create long term change in the nooks in your day that usually go wasted.

I’ve tried all this stuff before, so what’s new in this training?

I have done all those things too and can save you more time wasted on what doesn’t work. More importantly, get you focused on the concepts and action that will work, helping you condense timeframes to your success and a life transformed.

The Why Behind This Masterclass

I created this masterclass because I know what it’s like to be stuck, wanting to have a better life, and totally frustrated that it seems so far away.

I also know how painful it can be when you aren’t delivering, and your family pays a steep price for you being stuck.

I wish this would’ve been around for me 20 years ago. It would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars and wasted time on stuff that didn’t work. I want to impact as many people as possible to help them free themselves mentally so they can live the life of their dreams. I know how it feels to make the shift from being stuck to success. It’s an amazing feeling and I want everyone to feel it. I also know what it’s like to have peace of mind in so many areas of your life. People want a lot of things, but I believe they ultimately want peace.

It’s hard to describe, but I want that for you and the work is absolutely worth it.

Meet Your Masterclass Instructor, Chris Felton

image of chris felton

Chris is an Amazon best-selling author, a 7-figure entrepreneur, and the Founder and Principal of his own financial services firm which he started in 1999.

He has helped tens of thousands of people, internationally, to overcome their resistance to change and to create more success, peace and impact in their lives.

Chris speaks from his own experience of being on the edge of financial ruin, business failure, and divorce. He shares the secrets that allowed him to avert the potential disaster and transform all areas of his life.

Chris leads and trains hundreds of agents across the US and has helped over 17,000 people become more financially literate and experience financial relief.

With his latest book and speaking series “Think and Grow You”, Chris is focused on helping driven entrepreneurs break through plateaus in their growth by learning how to get out of their own way and take their success, peace, and impact to the next level.